searchmarketingKeyword Seminole produces a wide range of search-related content for the web. Whether you need a completely new website or you want to maximize the visiblity of an existing website, Keyword Seminole can unlock the potential of your business, organization, or non-profit. Below are just a few main areas of expertise:

Content Writing

Content refers to anything and everything you see on a page; a combination of text, images, videos, titles, containers, etc. However, online content is always created for two audiences: human readers and search engine spiders. The human reader pays attention to meaning and grammar while the search spider is just a computer program that pays attention to metadata and word frequency. A quality content writer considers both audiences… Read More.

Search Engine Optimization

With more than 1 billion websites in the world, the greatest challenge for every website is visibility on a search engine. Will the people who need to see my website actually find my website on Google? Or Bing? Or Yahoo? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of increasing that visibility and driving more traffic to a site… Read More.

SEO Analysis

analysisDue to the increased need for search engine optimization, the market for SEO companies has also increased. Unfortunately, what that means is that many companies have found ways to take advantage of clients who are never quite sure how to evaluate the effectiveness of an SEO strategy. A fair SEO Analysis is sort of like getting a second opinion from a reasonable professional. This means providing website owners with a clear, easy-to-understand, and comprehensive appraisal of their domain, where it stands on Google, and what could be done to improve SEO going forward… Read More.

Web Design

webdesignMore than a dozen reputable companies exist for those who wish to build their own website at little or no cost. What makes these companies so successful is their wide range of stock templates and simple drag-and-drop programs. For those wishing to set up a fast website, these options are a no-brainer. However, search engine companies have also learned to distinguish between 1,000 stock websites and one unique website. In order for a website to gain the attention of Google, a fresh design might be the way to go… Read More.

Writing Analysis

Between writing papers and articles, the guidelines for proper grammar and formatting can often seem excessive. Sometimes these guidelines may seem so complicated and trivial that no one will really care. But that really depends on the kind of overall reputation a writer hopes to achieve with readers. A sloppy and error-filled article may not matter to a forgiving reader, but the average person will notice mistakes, whether they want to be forgiving or not. A quality writer knows that words matter, but the proper arrangement of those words will matter more… Read More.